Rote Island: Paradise surfers on the South Boundary of Indonesia

Rote island in addendum to the southernmost known as Indonesia also has a specific palm cultivation, sasando instrument, custom hats Ti’i langga, also marine visiting the attractions, mainly surfing.

Rote Island has been known to surfers as the perfect location to try and challenge the huge waves roll spectacular. Bo’a beach is one of the surfers used to follow the international level competition.

Rote is a beauty that is trying to find a counterpart, if it is located near Rote Bali tourists must stay it will scramble.

Rote Island is standing on the southern boundary line of the archipelago lies 11 degrees south latitude. Air warmth of the tropical heat, perfect for those who are fond of beach visiting the attractions.

Most of the land in the islands of Rote is a charming land with rocky reefs. Not many plants that can flourish on this island, mainly in the north and south in the form of low-lying coast with the exception that in the middle of the valley and the hills there.

Rote island itself has a population of about 120,000 people. The island is guarded by two larger islands, the north-east of Timor and Sumba in the west. Rote Island is so far in our adventure but feels so close when the feet have been grounded in the haven city of Ba’a.

Ferry from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara Ba’a drove every day to the leading city on the island of Rote. The island has colorless powdery sand. The beauty of this island continues to be discussed adventurers and surfers as it has a hilly surface of the island which is balanced by the plains as well as several small lakes like the Dead Sea.

Well-known beach area, which is the top scatter Nemberala surfers to various surf spots more challenging. Oriented to the Savu Sea in the west, he was like a sandy square is decorated with lush palm trees standing even when the long dry season.

Although not surf like the guests, local people remain humble and full of joy greet and receive and give greetings to the foreign tourists and adventurers.

Rote Island also called the island of Roti, his name is now becoming stuck in the pages of books and magazines as well as adventure travel.

T-Land is located on the west is an island casing an area of ​​1200 square kilometers and is known as one of the highest waves source in Indonesia that rolled to the left. Beauty with the perfect blend of natural landscape with the farmers and fishermen are smiling. Colors of varying water depths have been circling the forest green petals are hard to find equivalent for the beauty.

Although far from the roar of huge cities in various parts of the country but Rote Island is not too far behind to the availability of its exclusive tourist facilities. But, the simplicity and tradition that developed in the form of home grown custom still visible from the shoreline up to the plateau in the hills. The similarity between the exclusivity and the simpleness of this rests on building materials that originally came from a natural grace, the palm trees for building materials to the roof pillars that protect it.

Restaurants or cafes in the resort, resort location and adventurous surfers accidentally exposed to the open sea. As I started the green landscape that visitors awe when taking his eyes toward the blue and green compounds are transparent. That’s since the location is unobstructed, majestic ambiance as the sun left the horizon over the ocean Savu became so spectacular and inviting admiration.

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